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~Mathieu~ Luxury and Art represents the most eccentric concept in fashion and luxury.We are still at the beginning,but what mostly represents us is the courage of bringing to your attention special,artistic and unique creations.

This is where our wish of satisfying the most rafined and exigent tastes comes from.We are ready to respond positively to any challenge.This is what we know to do and we are never going to stop.You are the ones who give value to this brand and we thank you for that.

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~Mathieu~ Art Project

~Mathieu~ Art Galery Project- An artistic project by excellence


~Mathieu~ Art Galery Project wants to be an artistic comunity not only an artistic project.It is ment to be a bound between cultures,ideas that promote the art and its originality.In an era of copy-paste,the concept of originality must occupate an honorific place,because only like this we can contribute with valuable creations to the enrichment of the global cultural patrimony.

Quality,innovation and design,the main vectors of ~Mathieu~ brand!

It is well known that every brand that respects itself it also respects its clients but more than that with the certitude of buying a quality product.The quality represents the main factor that makes the distinction between the producers,or let us say that makes the difference between a luxury brand and an ordinary one.That is why quality for us represents the key.Without demonstrating that you have a good quality you cannot speak abou a brand.Every accessory,sewing must be made carefully,more so if we speak about art products.There is a big necessity of skilled people in order to realise true works of art with the destination of satisfying the most exigent tastes.Besides quality you also need good materials,with special properties that can offer uniqueness,strenght,elasticity but also a special and revolutionary aspect.~Mathieu~ Luxury and Art has proposed exactly these things,to outline to the public eccentric,artistic,with an innovative design products,precisely manufactured,that can give another perspective upon fashion in general and art in particular.